Archetypes in Literature: Actions/Events

The last but not the least – actions/events archetypes:

Journey–“The protagonist takes a journey, usually physical but sometimes emotional, during which he or she learns something about himself or herself or finds meaning in his or her life as well as acceptance in a community” (Herz and Gallo 112).
• Linear
• Circular
• Quests
• Quest for material wealth
• Quest for security, as a secure place to live
• Quest for kin
• Quest for global good, such as when a kingdom is threatened
• Quest for self, for self-identity or self-assurance
Rites of initiation
Parental Conflict and Relationships
• “The protagonist deals with parental conflict by rejecting or bonding with parents” (Herz and Gallo 117).
Coming of age
• Crucial for physical and/or psychological healing. During dreams, a person can grow. A person can fantasize freely in sleep. A transitional and beneficial period. In dream sphere can descend to the sphere of the Great Mother. Person awakens with a greater understanding of human nature (Knapp 88).
Sacrificial Rites
The Test or Trial
• “In the transition from one stage of life to another, the main character experiences a rite of passage through growth and change; he or she experiences a transformation” (Herz and Gallo 115).
Birth/Death and Rebirth
• “Through pain and suffering the character overcomes feelings of despair, and through a process of self-realization is reborn” (Herz and Gallo 110).
The Fall: Expulsion from Eden
• “The main character is expelled because of an unacceptable action on his or her part” (Herz and Gallo 111).
Annihilation/Absurdity/Total Oblivion
• “In order to exist in an intolerable world, the main character accepts that life is absurd, ridiculous, and ironic” (Herz and Gallo 116).

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