The Idea Focus in Research Paper

Don’t wait until you have a good idea to write something write stuff about any idea that you’ve got they got the message there I don’t wait to have a good idea because nobody does we only discover that they’re good ideas later right there’s really important because everybody has this problem and it’s very disabling if you wait to you have an idea that you think is cool it cool enough ok let’s see last little piece of about ideas is that when you write a paper by the time you are finished at least you must be clear about what the idea is you may not be very clear right at the beginning this goes back to the question about abstracts right so that um you but by the time you finished you really ought to be able to articulate what your idea is um more to say about that later. Find useful material about research at Edusson.

But the the bottom point is the important thing sometimes you find you read a paper and I think oh well that’s got several ideas and they’ve got so shush together they’ve been sort of squeezed into there you know the compass of a 10 page paper and you haven’t done justice to any of them right so if you have lots of ideas you know praise be right lots of papers this is not salami slicing that is writing many papers about one idea that’s writing many papers about many ideas ok so resist the temptation to just you know escape lightly over many ideas just try to try to focus and be clear what the idea is sometimes there’s a very closely related family this is a kind of you know there’s no nothing is completely true but this is a good baseline to start from ok yeah and so this is some Joe touch I gave a nice talk how I was acting what you said.

He remembered The Hunt for Red October and where captain whoever it is says just one ping they send out a sort of some bounce to another submarine only one light so that’s a and the ping is the idea so a good so here’s a good exercise when you read somebody else’s paper close the paper once and try to say what is the idea that I learned from that paper what is the key thought in that paper used to be surprised how how hard it can be indeed I have found myself as a reviewer writing in my review I believe that a key idea in this paper is de dum de dum de dum but I’m not really sure because you also didn’t really tell me and so I like that in my review because I want the author to think well well that wasn’t my key idea at all so you know who have you a completely misunderstood they might then reshape it and I think yes that was the key idea I should make it more explicit so you know I would encourage you to be totally explicit and to one to write something that says here is the key idea I sometimes write a section that says you know the main idea.

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